Brunette Spice

To add warmth to deep brunette, have your colorist paint on random slices of auburn. The lighter color is concentrated in front, and shows through the most when the sun hits it. Brush your hair in a different direction, and the color changes its look right before your eyes!



Angle_PlayAngle Play

Make a bob behave by getting the back snipped a bit longer and having the sides subtly graduated. Add darker color blocks on the under layers. Color peeks out at the bottom and through the sides and looks unique each time you shift the part. When styling concentrate on curving the ends. Work in Barex Volumizing Foam from roots to ends and blow dry as you turn ends under, or simply shape hair by hand and let it air dry. Finish by misting on Chi Shine Spray.



In_The_RedIn the Red

This knockout look combines medium brunette with burnt orange that’s painted on, baliage-style. The color is so hot, it’s sure to make men melt right before your eyes, and works beautifully with pale skin tones.




Fresh_ApricotFresh Apricot

Soft apricot shades that lean more toward orange or peach look fresh paired with today’s soft curly styles. Perfect for warm skin tones, the color even looks great with a flash of dark roots, as long as you don’t wear your hair smooth and straight.




Brandy_WineBrandy Wine

Warm red shades that flicker with depth and dimension get their kick from an intense base and subtle swirls of golden-hued highlights. Longer styles with full fringes reflect the color best when styled for a soft, rounded shape.




Scarlet_FeverScarlet Fever

Be bold about red with a pure, clear tone that gets its light or depth from what lies beneath. Blondes go lighter with the color, while natural brunettes get intense. Paired with a bold, choppy crop, the look says you’re liberated from style servitude.




Cherry_PopCherry Pop

Isn’t it great when you can pull off a bold, pinkish red that doesn’t even try to pretend it’s all natural? Great for long, wavy locks and fierce, freeform styles, and ultra-aggressive color proves you’re in control of feeding the flame.




Like_ButterLike Butter

Build up to buttercup by taking your darker, cooler winter shade into the light. Here, warmer pieces are added throughout for an easy transition. Each time you get color, add more warmth or extra lowlights, positioning them to enhance the movement of the cut.



Ginger_RootsGinger Roots

Subtly melded shades that move from warm ginger to rich brunette enrich styles with tousled texture. Keep roots and underlayers darker and run a few lowlights throughout the sides. Adding extra movement at the end when styling will make the color look nearly natural.