Hair with Color

Hair with colorhair-with-color

Technology in the color world has never been as advanced as now.

So if you’ve shied away from changing your shade before, there’s no better time to enter the world of color!

New color techniques for this season are creative, exciting and can be tailored to your personal look. Blending tones together is an excellent way to get exciting new colors.

Color adds body to flat fine hair, adds shine to dull or lifeless hair, adds warmth to the skin, texture to the cut, adds condition to dry hair and can totally change a person’s look.

Color can improve the structure of hair. The molecules swell the structure of the hair and if you have very fine hair, permanent color makes it seem thicker and stronger.

Semi-permanent makes fine hair softer and adds shine. This is because pigment is added, not removed from the hair as it is with bleaching.

Natural skin tone dictates whether hair tones need to be cool or warm, or whether depth needs to be light or dark. For example pale pink skin tones suit cool light ash and beige blondes.

Always make your color choice in good light with hair in satisfactory condition before applying a permanent color. A strand and skin test must be performed first.