Dark hair colorbrunette

Darker colors reflect the light better and look shinier. Dark hair also looks sleeker and thicker because the hair appears more dense.

Colors like cappuccino, chocolate and violet blends have turned mousy brown hair into big news. Gone are the days of subtle highlights. Prepare for the onslaught of bold, bright panels of color in anything from primary to the pastel shades we saw in the 80’s.

Feeling a little risque? Bold, red color can create a dramatic effect to most oval shaped faces, as heavy streaks accentuate the cheekbones.

First-time users of color shouldn’t go for anything too bright. The darker your natural color, the brighter the color you can use, but the lighter your hair the more subtle it should be.

Flashes of extreme color don’t have to be as obvious and garish as they sound. Sometimes, the merest hint of a contrasting shade peeping through the bangs or under the layers of the hair is adequate.

Try temporary sprays or waxes to achieve extreme color. If you like the effect you can always visit your salon for a more permanent option.

Bright shades are extremely prone to fading so try to limit heat styling and always protect hair with spray before using flat irons or tongs.



Dark Espresso

Black hair with a tint of violet in the formula has been cut into a full bob with squared off sides and a rounded top. By razoring the perimeter unevenly and styling it to pieciness, you get eye-popping contrast with the solid interior.





Brunette Spice

To add warmth to deep brunette, have your colorist paint on random slices of auburn. The lighter color is concentrated in front, and shows through the most when the sun hits it. Brush your hair in a different direction, and the color changes its look right before your eyes!


Angle_PlayAngle Play

Make a bob behave by getting the back snipped a bit longer and having the sides subtly graduated. Add darker color blocks on the under layers. Color peeks out at the bottom and through the sides and looks unique each time you shift the part. When styling concentrate on curving the ends. Work in Barex Volumizing Foam from roots to ends and blow dry as you turn ends under, or simply shape hair by hand and let it air dry. Finish by misting on Chi Shine Spray.



Long_on_DramaLong on Drama

Have just a few layers cut into your long locks, and you’ve got the foundation for a straight style or one with soft movement. When you skip the fringe, you can brush the front straight back for a romantic, Renaissance-revival style. Add three or four shades of highlights, keeping them close in tone and intensity. For this look, foils are stacked in a brick-lay pattern for better blending. Style hair with Aquage Refining Gel. To go smooth, just blow hair straight with a paddle brush. Want waves? Twist sections around a medium-barrel iron.



Bronze_BeautyBronze Beauty

A solid, shiny shade of bronze is the perfect hue to pair with this shoulder draping look. Full, brow-skimming bangs and up-front layers add momentum to the mane, which is blown-out with a vented brush.



Teak_WoodTeak Wood

You don’t have to go all the way to raven to get a deep, mysterious brunette with amazing shine. Here, a cocktail of teak and clear are applied to a boring brown to add depth and color character with a glossy finish. Only natural brunettes should try a shade this dark. Also, if your skin tone is too cool, the color could wash you out, unless you add a few warm highlights to the mix.


Russet_LeavesRusset Leaves

Brunettes who like it warmer or redheads who prefer it deep can both have this color, which comes from a custom-mixed formula of deep red and brunette. To add depth, a slightly darker color is used at the roots and underlayers. The colors are brushed on so they overlap, melding the tones together.



Fabulous_FigFabulous Fig

Cool-toned brunettes are achieved with semi-permanent colors that don’t lighten hair, so they avoid exposing natural warm undertones. Of course, for a shade like this, you need a light brunette to begin with because you’re subtly darkening the shade. To keep on the cool side, always use shampoos and conditioners that inhibit fade.



Hot_MochaHot Mocha

This rich shade mixes up mocha with a dash of cinnamon spice. A permanent color is used to get the lightened shade on any natural brunette. While the base color comes from single processing, subtle reddish brown is painted right over the top of select strands. The result is a subtle mix that enhances the movement of the cut.



Ginger_RootsGinger Roots

Subtly melded shades that move from warm ginger to rich brunette enrich styles with tousled texture. Keep roots and underlayers darker and run a few lowlights throughout the sides. Adding extra movement at the end when styling will make the color look nearly natural.